Or, go hit the telly, the feeds gone out.


So here we have another case of NASA pulling the plug just when things get interesting… or do we. The squidgy thing seen behind the v in the background is the cause of all the kerfumples. It is a supposed UFO that was first spotted by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily as he watched the live stream. He thought it was something and after the feed going to a blue screen right after, decided it was definitely something Tyler Glockner of secureteam10 should see.

Of course we  have tons of controversy. First over what exactly that is in the backgound. Second of just why NASA’s feed went to a blue screen right after. Thirdly if the people bringing it to you are full of bologna or something else. I’m going to tackle it but seeing as I’m not any of these people, it’s speculation and my opinion only on things.

I’ve no idea what that is in the background. I know what it looks like it could be.

I’ve no idea why NASA would kill a feed. Tech issues are always possible and likely. But if you were live streaming and realized something was being shown you didn’t want to, well that might make a feed end too.

As far as the initial people who found it and the one who shared it on their channel, I’ve no idea if it’s a passion or a money grab or something in between.

Let’s face it, in the paranormal there are few guarantees. There are a lot of hoaxes, misinterpretations and people in it only for the money. There is also the issue of timing and sometimes it’s just the right time and you see or capture something beyond belief. Is this one of those times? I don’t know, I have to believe in people and integrity. I do believe in unexplainable things like ghosts and aliens. Maybe this is a reflection and maybe it’s more, I want to believe more. Thing is, until the day aliens land and are photographed and medically tested to prove they’re not humans or hoaxes, we are all left clutching at belief. Thing is we need to be careful what we clasp onto ’cause some people know what ropes to throw.

Boo, we’ll be back in a few.


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( Photo from secureteam10 with original article at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/nasa-feed-goes-down-horseshoe-7783713 )


This Little Light of Mine

Or, slightly Stranger Things.

It’s been a while, longer than I’d of liked in fact. I’ve been distracted by many things including this little light.

So I have one of the darkest closets ever, I swear it’s impossible to see anything. I have a few LED flashlights waiting in there, but it’s a pain to have one hand out of use when you’re trying to dig for a sweater in the back. I had this thought of a sensor light but didn’t want to do any wiring so when I saw this battery one I snapped it up. It’s lovely and bright, easy to install and remedied the issue, only coming on when I step into the range and making those closet digs so much easier. (So much so that I decided to clean and reorganize it, which is why that pile is at the bottom, so please forgive the clutter.) Thing is, the light comes on randomly for no reason at all.

Yes I’ve made sure there’s no dog or creepy critter or person in the range. The batteries are good. There’s nothing blowing or moving, at least nothing I can see. It isn’t a regular time or repeated time either. It often in fact comes on as a response to a question I’m thinking about or emotion I’m feeling. And sometimes it flicks on in the middle of the dark of night just cause it can, though daytime doesn’t seem to impede it any either.

This kind of activity is not unusual to me. I’ve had radios and tvs turn on unplugged. Doors open or get knocked on and footsteps where there just is no one. Been touched and heard my name. Thing is it’s never expected and never fails to catch my attention and usually raise my heart rate.

The paranormal is like the unexpected guest at your front door, you never know when it’s gonna show up or exactly what it’s going to bring, and I apparently have a few visitors.

Boo, we’ll be back in a few.


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Keep the Spirit Going

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 Boo, we’ll be back in a few


I have not forgotten you. If you don’t read my hub blog I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on the personal side with my dad and his surgery and complications since and of course having to pick up slack and take my mom places. You have my word I will be back to haunt you here and on the podcast sooner than you’d want. 


I’ll be back in a few. (Honestly) 

Ghosty Grog

Or, good for what ales ya?


So there are apparently a few spirits around the White Lion Pub in Yateley, Hampshire, UK and these aren’t of the alcoholic variety.This incident was one of the many that have occurred and it doesn’t always involve the stairs either.  But it seems this one spot near the womens washrooms has been the sight of alarms triggering before,and the one of the two most frequently seen ghosts is likely to blame.

Patrons and staff have had encounters with a woman and a man among others. The man is believed to be the original licencee, James Rogers who had an affection for one of the tankards that resides in the pub to this day. The manager, who lives on site, believes this is the woman setting off things up here. The incident of a glass flying off a shelf at another point, no one is quite sure who to attribute it to.

So some say this is smoke or a bug. I’m not sure either would set off what I assume is a motion alarm. I’d say the same about the speculation of sunlight. Sure any of these could cause an image where there isn’t’ anything but what out of those would set off a motion sensor alarm. Even if it’s a hey someone’s breaking in, none of those would do it. And if it’s a smoke detector alarm, them why would a bug set it off? And sunlight could warm it up, but to the point of making it think there was a fire? And wouldn’t it be going off on a regular basis as the window doesn’t change? And if it were smoke, wouldn’t they have noticed it both times? One thing for sure is it’s likely to be a spirited visit to this pub.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from Andy Froker with original article at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/watch-terrifying-moment-ghost-caught-6769607 .)

Bishop Boo

Or I mass hurry. ( Okay so it’s not one of my better written icebreakers / jokes but if you say it out loud, it’s better. )


It was Kerry Launders first time in a cathedral anywhere when she and her family made the trip to Norwich Cathedral. She really enjoyed the visit and took a few snaps on her mobile but didn’t realize she’d captured anything but the architecture until she’d had a better look back home. That’s when she saw what appears to be a bishops hat and robes going along an upper level, though no one was there when the photo was being shot.

The 11th century building is allegedly haunted and there are somewhere around 12 bishops buried within the cathedral itself which makes the photo possibility all the more real. I for one am glad the ghostly spirit didn’t spoil her experience of the historic building and for her photobombing bishop.

The only question that arises in me is live or recorded. Being a religious man I am surprised to see an active haunting and that they haven’t passed beyond, though it could be imprinted and just repeating itself automatically at a specific energy or time. Perhaps he was naughty or doesn’t know he’s dead. Then again maybe he’s stuck around in hopes of continuing his religious duties. One way or the other it’s a great shot and history in all it’s quirky glory is amazing.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from Kerry Launders SWNS with original article at http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/598366/Ghost-proof-phantom-bishop-haunted-building-Norwich-Cathedral?_ga=1.85145114.247570013.1447967149 )