Now available on Stitcher

So, if Google, iTunes or Podomatic aren’t where you’d prefer to listen, we’re now available on Stitcher. It’s been an exciting week here and I’m hoping this makes it as easy as possible for you to access the podcast. See you in a few short days for the next podcast!


we’ll be back in a few

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Keep the Spirit Going

Hey unexplained enthusiasts, I’ve got a special announcement that I’d love to let you in on: I just joined Patreon in order to continue and improve our adventures! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for my fans to contribute to our inexplicable adventures every month, and get great rewards in return. I wanted to share it with you so  go checkout . Yep, we’re your very own ghost of holidays past, and looking forward to new adventures starting again soon. 👻
 Boo, we’ll be back in a few

I’m back…

So in accordance with the current Easter goings on, I too am returning. (Please don’t hate me, I’m not trying to compair myself to Jesus, I’m just attempting to break the ice.) I know it’s been a while, and postings never quite got back on track after surgery and I’ve felt awful about that. I have a really full schedule, but don’t we all, and I’m going to promise a post here and a podcast once week, perhaps alternating at first until the rhythm returns, but I am returning. Keep the faith, I’ll be back with a proper haunt next week. 

Boo, I’ll be back in a few.


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