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A new podcast is up and its based on “ UFOh No “.

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( Photo from secureteam10 )



Or, go hit the telly, the feeds gone out.


So here we have another case of NASA pulling the plug just when things get interesting… or do we. The squidgy thing seen behind the v in the background is the cause of all the kerfumples. It is a supposed UFO that was first spotted by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily as he watched the live stream. He thought it was something and after the feed going to a blue screen right after, decided it was definitely something Tyler Glockner of secureteam10 should see.

Of course we  have tons of controversy. First over what exactly that is in the backgound. Second of just why NASA’s feed went to a blue screen right after. Thirdly if the people bringing it to you are full of bologna or something else. I’m going to tackle it but seeing as I’m not any of these people, it’s speculation and my opinion only on things.

I’ve no idea what that is in the background. I know what it looks like it could be.

I’ve no idea why NASA would kill a feed. Tech issues are always possible and likely. But if you were live streaming and realized something was being shown you didn’t want to, well that might make a feed end too.

As far as the initial people who found it and the one who shared it on their channel, I’ve no idea if it’s a passion or a money grab or something in between.

Let’s face it, in the paranormal there are few guarantees. There are a lot of hoaxes, misinterpretations and people in it only for the money. There is also the issue of timing and sometimes it’s just the right time and you see or capture something beyond belief. Is this one of those times? I don’t know, I have to believe in people and integrity. I do believe in unexplainable things like ghosts and aliens. Maybe this is a reflection and maybe it’s more, I want to believe more. Thing is, until the day aliens land and are photographed and medically tested to prove they’re not humans or hoaxes, we are all left clutching at belief. Thing is we need to be careful what we clasp onto ’cause some people know what ropes to throw.

Boo, we’ll be back in a few.


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( Photo from secureteam10 with original article at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/nasa-feed-goes-down-horseshoe-7783713 )

Naughty Aliens

Or, when aliens evict us.


So I get that Mr Hawking is a terribly smart man and probabilities dictate a few choices based upon them. Frankly I’m not even really doubting the possibility of  hostile aliens.  My issue with his statement that we should be worried about aliens bumping us off for our planet, is wouldn’t it have happened by now. I mean let’s face it unless they were sneak attacked, they should have way better comprehension, knowledge, abilities and technology. There shouldn’t be a natural disaster or pathogen they wouldn’t see coming and be able to deal with. They should have gotten beyond open hostilities based solely on the fact they’ve lived long enough to become so advanced. What on earth (no pun intended) would prompt them to wipe us out, other then us being jerks, if they haven’t done so by now.

I’m frankly tired of scare tactics and fear mongering no matter where or who it comes from. And besides that, who’d want to come visit us anyways? Humanity has tended towards ignorance, violence and aggressive to the point of stupidity towards each other and the planet that’s keeping us alive. Not the kind of vacation I’d want.


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( Photo from Henrique Alvim Correa with original article on http://www.cnet.com/news/stephen-hawking-says-nomadic-aliens-might-crush-us/ .)

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Deer UFO

So a deer and a ufo walk into a trap cam…..



So according to a report made to MUFON on September 1st of this year, we’ve got more than a deer in a headlights. The trap cam owner in Hahira Georgia got a rather sweet deer and a 6 light flyby on the night of August 31, 2015. The area had been seeing activity but this is the only video capture to my knowledge.

There is the original MUFON report # 70037, which you can search at their site and it will bring up a short report where you can click to read the long report with the original video attached (this will download so visit the original article link below if you’d prefer to just view it). There is a easier format but without the link on UFO Stalker.

So what do we think? Potentially it sure could be birds of some sort, but that’s a hell of a steady line. Doesn’t look like any kind of plane or helicopter, unless it’s a stealth flyer of some sort. I’m going to vote UFO on this one. Why? Let’s just say personal experience.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from altereddimensions.net . With original article at http://altereddimensions.net/2015/huge-lit-six-lights-ufo-hahira-georgia-gamecam-flying-over-deer .)