Psychiatric Peeper

Or, I told you youngsters to get off my lawn.


So, this photo was snapped as Adam Smith was walking by the long abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum in Bronallys, Brecon, Wales. For years there has been rumor of a ghostly presence lurking within, either of a Nazi prisoner or a former patient but no one was for certain beyond the ghostly goings on. Of course the counter is that its a person or a trick of the light and that despite it having been closed for over 15 years, there’s obviously ways for living persons to enter. That might be true but it can’t exactly explain all the occurrences away.

The asylum was first open in 1903 and was changed into PoW camp with prison cells during the second world war, which is where the prisoner theory has come from. This photo does look like something taken from the newest Call of Duty Nazi Zombies if I’m being honest. And yes, that’s a hell of a comparison. This looks like a dead person with the greyish skin tone and dark eyes, and yes it could be because of the lighting. I vote against a homeless person because even though they’d be disheveled and gaunt, this just looks like walking death and slightly transparent.

Since the photo went viral, the local citizens and councillors have declared the building a nuisance and danger due to the high visitation of people hunting for the ghost. The building is still standing and in discussions for redevelopment. Please be respectful of the building and its neighbours.


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( Photo from Adam Smith / SWNS with original article at )


A podcast has been released into the wild…

A new podcast is up and its based on “ This Little Light of Mine “.

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Spooky Sensing

Or, who’s that walking on my floor.

Delving into my personal experiences again, here we go with a recent one. Now, I have to be clear before we get too far into this one, that I’ve moved from this house so I can’t experiment any more with this. My relocation was what derailed us here, it was unexpected but I am hopeful all the chaos will be worth it. So, let’s go on an adventure…

Often in my house I’d hear noises, thumps, bumps & even walking. Of course some things were just the house settling but some were not. There was a routine of stop and listen, evaluate any potential causes (heat/cold/wind/etc) and investigate. I’d see shadows and feel weight sit next to me so walkers weren’t anything terribly unusual, I just never thought I’d be able to prove it.

In my midst of evaluating, I checked the alarm to be sure I was alone. Then it noticed the motion sensor was active and my heart about stopped. The dogs were with me, the furnace / air conditioner weren’t on and even if they had been, there was nothing in the sensor view that moved. That sensor faced the stairway and wee little hall that centered in the downstairs between the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bathroom and of course the stairs and this central area was kept clear for safety. I checked for shadows or reflections, there were none. I went back up and the walking started up again, and the sensor lit back up and continued to match the noise as it returned again and again.

Its kind of a weird excitement and also slight terror having confirmation of some sort. And yes I know, what is the sense of getting scared when it’s something you’re looking for or expecting. Best way I can explain it is when company shows up at your door with no notice. It’s not that you’re not happy to see them, you just might have liked the time to prep a little.

This was one of the many spooky things that used to happen in that house. I’m not going to be lacking in my new space, though these ones may know some new tricks and really like lights. But we’ll get to that one another time.


we’ll be back in a few.

P.S. I am beyond sorry for the vanishing over the past months. There was great personal upheaval and change that came out of the blue and took all my time, energy and attention. I’m somewhere new now and looking forward to better times. Thanks for your patience during all of this. Be sure to follow my Facebook page to check out the updates.

A podcast has been released into the wild…

A new podcast is up and its based on “ Ghostly Grog “.

Direct link here on Podomatic . Also available on iTunes , Google and Stitcher  ( or just search parapopulous ). And don’t forget YouTube!


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Doctor Doom

Or, the white coats are coming?


This picture was one of many taken in the 1990’s in an abandoned sanatorium and it wasn’t until it was published in a local newspaper that people noticed the figure at the end of the hall.

So Poole Hall, where this photo was taken, is a part of the sanatorium that ran from 1932 to 1989 in Nunthorpe, UK. It’s a part of the grounds that includes the Grey Towers House built in 1865. The Grey Tower is the original building used as a tuberculous hospital after beginning it’s life as a grand home built for then mayor William Hopkins, with Poole and other buildings being added.

There’ve been many experiences including police officers who used to train dogs at the facility after it closed, no dogs would go into the chapel ever. One former security guard did not look forward to his shifts, patrolling at night during the time the area was closed down. Since the photo was released, the other buildings have been demolished and only the original Grey Tower remains, renovated into flats. I bet you there’s some interesting stories in that building.


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Hadron Gone

Or, ghosts are gone?


The short version of all this is that Professor Brian Cox has said that if ghosts exist the CERN atom smasher should have found them by now. His apparent reasoning is because the Large Hadron Collider using the Standard Model of Particle Physics hasn’t found a ghost, and the particle / energy interaction levels they measure at scale wise make it inconcieveable they can be real.

Um. Okay.

Look here’s the thing, I’m not even going to tell you I have more than a passing idea of how the Collider works. I know the basics of it and with that I’m going to say that a project set up to see one thing doesn’t disprove another because of its non results. Okay it can but I don’t think so in this case. I get the energy / particle / mass thing he’s saying but just because he thinks we know it all doesn’t mean we do. And we don’t have to look too far back in time to see some things scientists said were definitively fact that just aren’t and have been disproved (ie: the earth is flat, atoms are the smallest particle, the sun goes around the earth, etc..).

There’s just a bunch of stuff we likely don’t know or are capable of understanding yet. We have to be open to that, to the fact we at our current state of evolution aren’t the end all be all wonder we like to thin we are, and that’s okay.


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This Little Light of Mine

Or, slightly Stranger Things.

It’s been a while, longer than I’d of liked in fact. I’ve been distracted by many things including this little light.

So I have one of the darkest closets ever, I swear it’s impossible to see anything. I have a few LED flashlights waiting in there, but it’s a pain to have one hand out of use when you’re trying to dig for a sweater in the back. I had this thought of a sensor light but didn’t want to do any wiring so when I saw this battery one I snapped it up. It’s lovely and bright, easy to install and remedied the issue, only coming on when I step into the range and making those closet digs so much easier. (So much so that I decided to clean and reorganize it, which is why that pile is at the bottom, so please forgive the clutter.) Thing is, the light comes on randomly for no reason at all.

Yes I’ve made sure there’s no dog or creepy critter or person in the range. The batteries are good. There’s nothing blowing or moving, at least nothing I can see. It isn’t a regular time or repeated time either. It often in fact comes on as a response to a question I’m thinking about or emotion I’m feeling. And sometimes it flicks on in the middle of the dark of night just cause it can, though daytime doesn’t seem to impede it any either.

This kind of activity is not unusual to me. I’ve had radios and tvs turn on unplugged. Doors open or get knocked on and footsteps where there just is no one. Been touched and heard my name. Thing is it’s never expected and never fails to catch my attention and usually raise my heart rate.

The paranormal is like the unexpected guest at your front door, you never know when it’s gonna show up or exactly what it’s going to bring, and I apparently have a few visitors.

Boo, we’ll be back in a few.


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Ghosty Grog

Or, good for what ales ya?


So there are apparently a few spirits around the White Lion Pub in Yateley, Hampshire, UK and these aren’t of the alcoholic variety.This incident was one of the many that have occurred and it doesn’t always involve the stairs either.  But it seems this one spot near the womens washrooms has been the sight of alarms triggering before,and the one of the two most frequently seen ghosts is likely to blame.

Patrons and staff have had encounters with a woman and a man among others. The man is believed to be the original licencee, James Rogers who had an affection for one of the tankards that resides in the pub to this day. The manager, who lives on site, believes this is the woman setting off things up here. The incident of a glass flying off a shelf at another point, no one is quite sure who to attribute it to.

So some say this is smoke or a bug. I’m not sure either would set off what I assume is a motion alarm. I’d say the same about the speculation of sunlight. Sure any of these could cause an image where there isn’t’ anything but what out of those would set off a motion sensor alarm. Even if it’s a hey someone’s breaking in, none of those would do it. And if it’s a smoke detector alarm, them why would a bug set it off? And sunlight could warm it up, but to the point of making it think there was a fire? And wouldn’t it be going off on a regular basis as the window doesn’t change? And if it were smoke, wouldn’t they have noticed it both times? One thing for sure is it’s likely to be a spirited visit to this pub.


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( Photo from Andy Froker with original article at .)