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So I feel like y’all should know what’s going on in case I vanish. My housemate hasn’t paid the internet and apparently it and my phone (as it’s a connected account) could be disconnected at any point unless I can come up with the money. I plan on keeping things going as long as possible and I’ll get back up and running as soon as possible but I don’t have the means to pay it out so it’s business as usual until the lines go down without a miracle. Sorry to have to bring it to you but I thought you deserved the truth. 

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So, if Google, iTunes or Podomatic aren’t where you’d prefer to listen, we’re now available on Stitcher. It’s been an exciting week here and I’m hoping this makes it as easy as possible for you to access the podcast. See you in a few short days for the next podcast!


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we’ll be back in a few

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Hadron Gone

Or, ghosts are gone?


The short version of all this is that Professor Brian Cox has said that if ghosts exist the CERN atom smasher should have found them by now. His apparent reasoning is because the Large Hadron Collider using the Standard Model of Particle Physics hasn’t found a ghost, and the particle / energy interaction levels they measure at scale wise make it inconcieveable they can be real.

Um. Okay.

Look here’s the thing, I’m not even going to tell you I have more than a passing idea of how the Collider works. I know the basics of it and with that I’m going to say that a project set up to see one thing doesn’t disprove another because of its non results. Okay it can but I don’t think so in this case. I get the energy / particle / mass thing he’s saying but just because he thinks we know it all doesn’t mean we do. And we don’t have to look too far back in time to see some things scientists said were definitively fact that just aren’t and have been disproved (ie: the earth is flat, atoms are the smallest particle, the sun goes around the earth, etc..).

There’s just a bunch of stuff we likely don’t know or are capable of understanding yet. We have to be open to that, to the fact we at our current state of evolution aren’t the end all be all wonder we like to thin we are, and that’s okay.


we’ll be back in a few.

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Keep the Spirit Going

Hey unexplained enthusiasts, I’ve got a special announcement that I’d love to let you in on: I just joined Patreon in order to continue and improve our adventures! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for my fans to contribute to our inexplicable adventures every month, and get great rewards in return. I wanted to share it with you so  go checkout . Yep, we’re your very own ghost of holidays past, and looking forward to new adventures starting again soon. 👻
 Boo, we’ll be back in a few

I’m back…

So in accordance with the current Easter goings on, I too am returning. (Please don’t hate me, I’m not trying to compair myself to Jesus, I’m just attempting to break the ice.) I know it’s been a while, and postings never quite got back on track after surgery and I’ve felt awful about that. I have a really full schedule, but don’t we all, and I’m going to promise a post here and a podcast once week, perhaps alternating at first until the rhythm returns, but I am returning. Keep the faith, I’ll be back with a proper haunt next week. 

Boo, I’ll be back in a few.


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A podcast has been released into the wild…

Sixth podcast is up and it’s based on “wanna go on a dig“.

Direct link here . And iTunes version here ( or just search parapopulous in the iTunes store).

Sorry for the delay in release of this, it was unavoidable.


we’ll be back in a few

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Crystallize your Memories

More stuff that makes me wonder where sci-fi writers really get ideas from, LOL.


Scientists at Southampton University have come up with a memory crystal that will outlive us. Its a fused silica quartz that is inspired by Superman’s unique storage and it can hold 360 TB of data as well as withstanding temperatures of over 1800 F.

So, let’s get this right… When people suggest ancient civilizations might have just done this, they get laughed at. When people said perhaps some crystal skulls might just be doing this, they get laughed at. When Superman does it (well more correctly his ancestors) it’s cool. And now science does it and it’s amazing.

Seriously gang it’s stuff like this that lets me know why aliens don’t visit us openly. We had suggestions of this for years and it was poo-pooed away as being ideas of crackpots. We have this illusion we know so much but really we’re maybe getting into kindergarten. We have to not be ashamed of different ideas. Sure, they’re all not going to be feasible or even workable but that one off the wall idea might just be the one that sparks one that will. It pays to have an open mind and entertain possibilities.


we’ll be back in a few

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