A podcast has been released into the wild…

A new podcast is loose and its based on “Spooky Stairs“.

Direct link here http://parapopulous.podomatic.com/entry/2016-05-02T06_27_03-07_00 . And iTunes version here http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/parapopulous-podcast-version/id1037944377?mt=2 ( or just search parapopulous in the iTunes store).


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( Photo from Trevor Tye )


Bishop Boo

Or I mass hurry. ( Okay so it’s not one of my better written icebreakers / jokes but if you say it out loud, it’s better. )


It was Kerry Launders first time in a cathedral anywhere when she and her family made the trip to Norwich Cathedral. She really enjoyed the visit and took a few snaps on her mobile but didn’t realize she’d captured anything but the architecture until she’d had a better look back home. That’s when she saw what appears to be a bishops hat and robes going along an upper level, though no one was there when the photo was being shot.

The 11th century building is allegedly haunted and there are somewhere around 12 bishops buried within the cathedral itself which makes the photo possibility all the more real. I for one am glad the ghostly spirit didn’t spoil her experience of the historic building and for her photobombing bishop.

The only question that arises in me is live or recorded. Being a religious man I am surprised to see an active haunting and that they haven’t passed beyond, though it could be imprinted and just repeating itself automatically at a specific energy or time. Perhaps he was naughty or doesn’t know he’s dead. Then again maybe he’s stuck around in hopes of continuing his religious duties. One way or the other it’s a great shot and history in all it’s quirky glory is amazing.


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( Photo from Kerry Launders SWNS with original article at http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/598366/Ghost-proof-phantom-bishop-haunted-building-Norwich-Cathedral?_ga=1.85145114.247570013.1447967149 )

Richard Returns

Are you happy to be here or is that just your face in the floor?


Christine Hamlett has taken a heck of a photo after a trip to Leicester Cathedral. The sensitive said she felt drawn to take the photo and weirdly reassured by what she thinks was the spirit of Richard the third while taking it. Can’t argue her results as it certainly does appear to be the face of the once ill thought of King being seen in the floor.

The body of Richard III had been found in a nearby car park in 2012 and only recently moved to lay beneath the cathedral floor in March of 2015. Ms Hamlett made her visit to the tiny cathedral in September of the same year, wanting to pay her respects and the spirit paparazzi, as her friends call her says she “felt a calming, authoritative presence” upon arriving at the cathedral and feels he is at peace finally. I’d like to think I’d be in a much better mood after years of being smack talked about and buried under a parking lot while the majority of my fellow royalty was being rejoiced and prominently interred.

This and many other photos bring up the whole matrixing issue, where it’s said the brain tricks us into seeing something where thee isn’t anything because it likes patterns. I wonder if people sensitive might not be able to connect the dots, so to speak though. If yes the brain does like patterns and sometimes it is just that. But what if it’s more? What if some people just don’t see the flaws in the photos as anything more than that because they can’t, they’re just not wired for it. If nothing else, you’ve gotta admit that’s a hell of a good matrixing going on.


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( Photo from Christine Hamlett with original article on http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/king-richard-iiis-ghost-caught-6489816 .)

Something Different

So, not to argue with the title, I thought it might be fun to do something different with this post. I originally intended this blog ( and now podcast ) to be more than just a newsy spot and to review or let you peek into some of my experiences as well. Up til now, you’ve all gotten glimpses with my take on the stories but, I haven’t done anything personal. So, here we go….


I love ghosts & ghost shows. Yep I do. I do however I have a dislike of the fabricated and created for attention ( I will willingly visit a real haunted house but will not go to a created fun house / attraction one ). I will admit that I’ve watched more than a few shows and tried to ignore the drama and acting in them so I could see the historic location ( I also really love history ). I’ve become so hopeful in the recent past only to have the shows cancelled or turn into more a acted / scripted show. Look, I understand the demands of networks, getting ratings and pulling in ad revenue but if the show was popular based on it original format and stayed that way for more than a couple years, why fuck it up? I also understand that my simplistic approach isn’t everyone’s preferred choice either and well, sometimes the ghosties just don’t want to come out to play on cue either.

I had heard about this new show called Paranormal Lockdown and wasn’t actually sure what to expect from it. I mean I’d seen Nick Groff on his former show Ghost Adventures ( that I still wish hadn’t changed from it’s original first few seasons into the drama / recreations it’s become ) and I remember Katrina Weidman from her earlier and much loved series Parnormal State so I kept an open mind. Okay I did love what Mr Groff had done with Ghost Stalkers and the first few seasons of Ghost Adventures so I was hoping for more of that mixed with Paranormal State and maybe some Ghost Hunters. All I knew is please no more of the extra drama please!

I finally got to see it thanks to the sometime still fabulous YouTube, because I live in Canada and dropped my cable a looooong time ago it took a wee bit longer. Can I tell you how delighted I was! This is what I’d hoped for, it truly is the best of all the shows I mentioned and more. There’s history and yes a little recreation but it’s focus is the hunting. I am so excited for this show and I am so hopeful it will continue as it is because the personalities and approach are more than enough. ( I’m also hopeful that I can continue to find it on YouTube LOL. ) If you’re looking for a show where the focus is the hunt, the investigation and not the drama then this one is for you.

I must tell you I do still watch many ghostly things including the previously mentioned shows long with many documentaries, web exclusive shows and also cancelled ones I’ve seen a million times if the mood strikes. I find something in even the cheesiest of shows to enjoy, even if it sometimes is simply the location itself because how can anything that looks into history be bad. And in that let’s not forget things like Destination Truth, Expedition Unknown, Digging for the Truth & Monumental Mysteries! Oy, the list I could give you of shows to watch…we’d be here for days.

Please remember these are my opinions only. And though I may not like certain elements of a show, I understand that there are many elements and reasons why it is that way. I do hope you’ve liked this departure, and until next time…


we’ll be back in a few


P.S. On further thought, I’ll attempt a list and leave it as a reference page on here for you all to possibly discover some new favourites. I’ll leave the link here when it’s done.

( Photo from Destination America. )

Spooky Stairs

So a bus driver walks into a stairwell….


Trevor Tye a motorcoach driver decided, while awaiting a tour he’d dropped off, to pop into Hampton Court Palace and get a shot of the marble stairs. He wasn’t looking for anything beyond a pretty shot of the interior stairway. What he got was quite another thing, seemingly capturing a young lady mid landing. Of course the possibility is that he’s just caught a tourist or guide but he insists he’d double checked to make sure the area was empty.

Could this simply be a trick of the light? She seems like much more than matrixing so I’m voting nope. There’s also the fact that a similar looking lady has been seen in this spot previous times by security. Her dress seems quite unlike something we’d see today and her eye area also seems dark. Analysis by experts have also revealed that the photo has not been tampered with adding to it’s authenticity.

I think he’s got a lovely photograph no matter how you want to judge it, but I for one am saying hello ghost and longing ever more to explore history first hand.


we’ll be back in a few.

(Photo from  Trevor Tye with original article at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/ghost-henry-viiis-wife-caught-7080555.)

P.S. I also want to tell you about the web hub I’ve begun to connect and chatter about all my projects. It’ will not affect this blog / podcast in any way except to share it. If you’re at all curious you can check it out in blog , Facebook , twitter & Instagram form. Of course feel free to follow and like it and any of my other projects.

Creepy Cabinet

The ghost, the girl and the wardrobe.


This might be up there in the list of it seemed like a good idea at the time purchases. Who, couldn’t resist a beautiful wardrobe? Definitely not Linda Bell, the owner of The Olden Ewe antique shop in Devon, UK. Good price and lovely piece but that wasn’t all apparently. As soon as the wardrobe arrived staff notice its Satanic head carved into the door and began to worry it may have ties to dark powers. If that wasn’t enough, soon the wardrobe began locking and unlocking and swinging open its doors. There’s also been a cool chill around it and people have felt a little girl inside it. Needless to say the shop is anxious to have it find a new home.

Factually, the ‘satanic head’ is likely a rams head or an old Green Man more than likely totally innocent in it’s decorative purposes. The fact there’s a coolness around it and it opens on it’s own, well a little less innocent. Though I can’t help wondering if it’d pick out an outfit?


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( Photo from WestEnd61/REX Shutterstock with original article at http://www.reveal.co.uk/real-life-stories/news/a673433/antique-shop-staff-haunted-by-girl-ghost-trapped-in-satanic-wardrobe.html .)

A podcast has been released into the wild…

Fifth podcast is up and its based on “rust in peace“.

Direct link here http://parapopulous.podomatic.com/entry/2015-10-05T10_44_12-07_00 . And iTunes version here http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/parapopulous-podcast-version/id1037944377?mt=2 ( or just search parapopulous in the iTunes store).


we’ll be back in a few.

P.S. The missing blog post from Thursday October 1st will be up this week along as well as the regular scheduled post. It sucks being sick!

( Photo credit to Wesley Topham )

Jailhouse Haunts

Well actually no more, at least in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

ottawa jail

A 20 year tradition of ghost walks in the former Ottawa jail turned has apparently come to an end. Glen Shackleton, who is president of Haunted Walks has been told by the HI-Ottawa Jail hostel that their working relationship is over. While the manager of the hostel says guided walks will continue, they will however be of the historical tour variety only. This will be not only a huge hit to the Haunted Walks company but, in my opinion to the city as well. Here’s the statement in regards to the jail from Haunted Walks if you’re interested in showing them your support.

I understand that this is a proper hostel business and their focus is on their profit and customers. I also get that for the walks it’s business but, it’s so much more than that. The walks have been a valuable source of money for restoration and preservation of our history. They’ve also gotten history to people who might never have delved into it if it weren’t for the thrill of the haunted tour and it’s beyond a shame there isn’t a way to make this work.


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( Photo from HI-Ottawa Jail hostel with original article on http://www.torontosun.com/2015/09/23/ghost-tours-of-ottawas-haunted-jail-hostel-to-end .)
Update as of September 28, 2015 

It appears there a change of heart and the hostel is open to sorting things out. Who knows if it’s public reaction or a miscommunication but yay no matter! Here’s a link to the update.