Psychiatric Peeper

Or, I told you youngsters to get off my lawn.


So, this photo was snapped as Adam Smith was walking by the long abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum in Bronallys, Brecon, Wales. For years there has been rumor of a ghostly presence lurking within, either of a Nazi prisoner or a former patient but no one was for certain beyond the ghostly goings on. Of course the counter is that its a person or a trick of the light and that despite it having been closed for over 15 years, there’s obviously ways for living persons to enter. That might be true but it can’t exactly explain all the occurrences away.

The asylum was first open in 1903 and was changed into PoW camp with prison cells during the second world war, which is where the prisoner theory has come from. This photo does look like something taken from the newest Call of Duty Nazi Zombies if I’m being honest. And yes, that’s a hell of a comparison. This looks like a dead person with the greyish skin tone and dark eyes, and yes it could be because of the lighting. I vote against a homeless person because even though they’d be disheveled and gaunt, this just looks like walking death and slightly transparent.

Since the photo went viral, the local citizens and councillors have declared the building a nuisance and danger due to the high visitation of people hunting for the ghost. The building is still standing and in discussions for redevelopment. Please be respectful of the building and its neighbours.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from Adam Smith / SWNS with original article at )

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