Spooky Sensing

Or, who’s that walking on my floor.

Delving into my personal experiences again, here we go with a recent one. Now, I have to be clear before we get too far into this one, that I’ve moved from this house so I can’t experiment any more with this. My relocation was what derailed us here, it was unexpected but I am hopeful all the chaos will be worth it. So, let’s go on an adventure…

Often in my house I’d hear noises, thumps, bumps & even walking. Of course some things were just the house settling but some were not. There was a routine of stop and listen, evaluate any potential causes (heat/cold/wind/etc) and investigate. I’d see shadows and feel weight sit next to me so walkers weren’t anything terribly unusual, I just never thought I’d be able to prove it.

In my midst of evaluating, I checked the alarm to be sure I was alone. Then it noticed the motion sensor was active and my heart about stopped. The dogs were with me, the furnace / air conditioner weren’t on and even if they had been, there was nothing in the sensor view that moved. That sensor faced the stairway and wee little hall that centered in the downstairs between the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bathroom and of course the stairs and this central area was kept clear for safety. I checked for shadows or reflections, there were none. I went back up and the walking started up again, and the sensor lit back up and continued to match the noise as it returned again and again.

Its kind of a weird excitement and also slight terror having confirmation of some sort. And yes I know, what is the sense of getting scared when it’s something you’re looking for or expecting. Best way I can explain it is when company shows up at your door with no notice. It’s not that you’re not happy to see them, you just might have liked the time to prep a little.

This was one of the many spooky things that used to happen in that house. I’m not going to be lacking in my new space, though these ones may know some new tricks and really like lights. But we’ll get to that one another time.


we’ll be back in a few.

P.S. I am beyond sorry for the vanishing over the past months. There was great personal upheaval and change that came out of the blue and took all my time, energy and attention. I’m somewhere new now and looking forward to better times. Thanks for your patience during all of this. Be sure to follow my Facebook page to check out the updates.


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