Doctor Doom

Or, the white coats are coming?


This picture was one of many taken in the 1990’s in an abandoned sanatorium and it wasn’t until it was published in a local newspaper that people noticed the figure at the end of the hall.

So Poole Hall, where this photo was taken, is a part of the sanatorium that ran from 1932 to 1989 in Nunthorpe, UK. It’s a part of the grounds that includes the Grey Towers House built in 1865. The Grey Tower is the original building used as a tuberculous hospital after beginning it’s life as a grand home built for then mayor William Hopkins, with Poole and other buildings being added.

There’ve been many experiences including police officers who used to train dogs at the facility after it closed, no dogs would go into the chapel ever. One former security guard did not look forward to his shifts, patrolling at night during the time the area was closed down. Since the photo was released, the other buildings have been demolished and only the original Grey Tower remains, renovated into flats. I bet you there’s some interesting stories in that building.


we’ll be back in a few

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( Photo from David Cole / Adam Richardson with original article at .)


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