Richard Returns

Are you happy to be here or is that just your face in the floor?


Christine Hamlett has taken a heck of a photo after a trip to Leicester Cathedral. The sensitive said she felt drawn to take the photo and weirdly reassured by what she thinks was the spirit of Richard the third while taking it. Can’t argue her results as it certainly does appear to be the face of the once ill thought of King being seen in the floor.

The body of Richard III had been found in a nearby car park in 2012 and only recently moved to lay beneath the cathedral floor in March of 2015. Ms Hamlett made her visit to the tiny cathedral in September of the same year, wanting to pay her respects and the spirit paparazzi, as her friends call her says she “felt a calming, authoritative presence” upon arriving at the cathedral and feels he is at peace finally. I’d like to think I’d be in a much better mood after years of being smack talked about and buried under a parking lot while the majority of my fellow royalty was being rejoiced and prominently interred.

This and many other photos bring up the whole matrixing issue, where it’s said the brain tricks us into seeing something where thee isn’t anything because it likes patterns. I wonder if people sensitive might not be able to connect the dots, so to speak though. If yes the brain does like patterns and sometimes it is just that. But what if it’s more? What if some people just don’t see the flaws in the photos as anything more than that because they can’t, they’re just not wired for it. If nothing else, you’ve gotta admit that’s a hell of a good matrixing going on.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from Christine Hamlett with original article on .)


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