Bishop Boo

Or I mass hurry. ( Okay so it’s not one of my better written icebreakers / jokes but if you say it out loud, it’s better. )


It was Kerry Launders first time in a cathedral anywhere when she and her family made the trip to Norwich Cathedral. She really enjoyed the visit and took a few snaps on her mobile but didn’t realize she’d captured anything but the architecture until she’d had a better look back home. That’s when she saw what appears to be a bishops hat and robes going along an upper level, though no one was there when the photo was being shot.

The 11th century building is allegedly haunted and there are somewhere around 12 bishops buried within the cathedral itself which makes the photo possibility all the more real. I for one am glad the ghostly spirit didn’t spoil her experience of the historic building and for her photobombing bishop.

The only question that arises in me is live or recorded. Being a religious man I am surprised to see an active haunting and that they haven’t passed beyond, though it could be imprinted and just repeating itself automatically at a specific energy or time. Perhaps he was naughty or doesn’t know he’s dead. Then again maybe he’s stuck around in hopes of continuing his religious duties. One way or the other it’s a great shot and history in all it’s quirky glory is amazing.


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( Photo from Kerry Launders SWNS with original article at )

A podcast has been released into the wild…

A new podcast is up and it’s based on “Dimming the View“.

Direct link here . And iTunes version here ( or just search parapopulous in the iTunes store).


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( Photo from NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T Pyle )

All Hail the Hobbits

Or, say hello to your cousin Frodo.


Somewhere back in 2003 3 foot tall fossil remains dating 18,000 years old were found on the Indonesian island of Flores and their story continues to cause controversy. See originally it was whether was a separate species, an offshoot or genetic mutation and this is still being debated even with test results beginning to come in. Even among the scientists there’s discord and how some of the general public feels about this is a whole lot less friendlier.

The remains are dentally closest identifiable to the branch of homo erectus that has been found in the Java islands though height wise there is considerable difference, and this is where the confusion begins. Is this a case of devolution or evolving to suit the local conditions and if so is it a mutation or a separate lineage? The standing as I understand it is that these are not modern humans with abnormalities but a distinct evolution perhaps occurring because of environment, though for some reason there’s still questioning within the scientific community.( Forgive any misunderstandings I might have interpreted as I am not a scientist. )

General public reactions on the article alone suggests feelings of cool it’s a real hobbit to this isn’t real because evolution isn’t real and a bunch seem unhappy about it in general. Here’s my thing … just why are people so upset about this? Are we so egocentric that we’ve come to believe we are the ultimate and only? Or is it a question of it’s not what I believe so it isn’t real? No matter how you look at it, agree or not, you really should be marveling at the adaptability of life and doing more to encourage a safe and livable world for all of us now.


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( Photo from Professor Peter Brown, University of New England with original article at )

Richard Returns

Are you happy to be here or is that just your face in the floor?


Christine Hamlett has taken a heck of a photo after a trip to Leicester Cathedral. The sensitive said she felt drawn to take the photo and weirdly reassured by what she thinks was the spirit of Richard the third while taking it. Can’t argue her results as it certainly does appear to be the face of the once ill thought of King being seen in the floor.

The body of Richard III had been found in a nearby car park in 2012 and only recently moved to lay beneath the cathedral floor in March of 2015. Ms Hamlett made her visit to the tiny cathedral in September of the same year, wanting to pay her respects and the spirit paparazzi, as her friends call her says she “felt a calming, authoritative presence” upon arriving at the cathedral and feels he is at peace finally. I’d like to think I’d be in a much better mood after years of being smack talked about and buried under a parking lot while the majority of my fellow royalty was being rejoiced and prominently interred.

This and many other photos bring up the whole matrixing issue, where it’s said the brain tricks us into seeing something where thee isn’t anything because it likes patterns. I wonder if people sensitive might not be able to connect the dots, so to speak though. If yes the brain does like patterns and sometimes it is just that. But what if it’s more? What if some people just don’t see the flaws in the photos as anything more than that because they can’t, they’re just not wired for it. If nothing else, you’ve gotta admit that’s a hell of a good matrixing going on.


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( Photo from Christine Hamlett with original article on .)