Something Different

So, not to argue with the title, I thought it might be fun to do something different with this post. I originally intended this blog ( and now podcast ) to be more than just a newsy spot and to review or let you peek into some of my experiences as well. Up til now, you’ve all gotten glimpses with my take on the stories but, I haven’t done anything personal. So, here we go….


I love ghosts & ghost shows. Yep I do. I do however I have a dislike of the fabricated and created for attention ( I will willingly visit a real haunted house but will not go to a created fun house / attraction one ). I will admit that I’ve watched more than a few shows and tried to ignore the drama and acting in them so I could see the historic location ( I also really love history ). I’ve become so hopeful in the recent past only to have the shows cancelled or turn into more a acted / scripted show. Look, I understand the demands of networks, getting ratings and pulling in ad revenue but if the show was popular based on it original format and stayed that way for more than a couple years, why fuck it up? I also understand that my simplistic approach isn’t everyone’s preferred choice either and well, sometimes the ghosties just don’t want to come out to play on cue either.

I had heard about this new show called Paranormal Lockdown and wasn’t actually sure what to expect from it. I mean I’d seen Nick Groff on his former show Ghost Adventures ( that I still wish hadn’t changed from it’s original first few seasons into the drama / recreations it’s become ) and I remember Katrina Weidman from her earlier and much loved series Parnormal State so I kept an open mind. Okay I did love what Mr Groff had done with Ghost Stalkers and the first few seasons of Ghost Adventures so I was hoping for more of that mixed with Paranormal State and maybe some Ghost Hunters. All I knew is please no more of the extra drama please!

I finally got to see it thanks to the sometime still fabulous YouTube, because I live in Canada and dropped my cable a looooong time ago it took a wee bit longer. Can I tell you how delighted I was! This is what I’d hoped for, it truly is the best of all the shows I mentioned and more. There’s history and yes a little recreation but it’s focus is the hunting. I am so excited for this show and I am so hopeful it will continue as it is because the personalities and approach are more than enough. ( I’m also hopeful that I can continue to find it on YouTube LOL. ) If you’re looking for a show where the focus is the hunt, the investigation and not the drama then this one is for you.

I must tell you I do still watch many ghostly things including the previously mentioned shows long with many documentaries, web exclusive shows and also cancelled ones I’ve seen a million times if the mood strikes. I find something in even the cheesiest of shows to enjoy, even if it sometimes is simply the location itself because how can anything that looks into history be bad. And in that let’s not forget things like Destination Truth, Expedition Unknown, Digging for the Truth & Monumental Mysteries! Oy, the list I could give you of shows to watch…we’d be here for days.

Please remember these are my opinions only. And though I may not like certain elements of a show, I understand that there are many elements and reasons why it is that way. I do hope you’ve liked this departure, and until next time…


we’ll be back in a few


P.S. On further thought, I’ll attempt a list and leave it as a reference page on here for you all to possibly discover some new favourites. I’ll leave the link here when it’s done.

( Photo from Destination America. )

A podcast has been released into the wild…

A new podcast is up and its based on “Naughty Aliens“.

Direct link here . And iTunes version here ( or just search parapopulous in the iTunes store).


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from Henrique Alvim Correa )

I’m back…

So in accordance with the current Easter goings on, I too am returning. (Please don’t hate me, I’m not trying to compair myself to Jesus, I’m just attempting to break the ice.) I know it’s been a while, and postings never quite got back on track after surgery and I’ve felt awful about that. I have a really full schedule, but don’t we all, and I’m going to promise a post here and a podcast once week, perhaps alternating at first until the rhythm returns, but I am returning. Keep the faith, I’ll be back with a proper haunt next week. 

Boo, I’ll be back in a few.


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