Spooky Stairs

So a bus driver walks into a stairwell….


Trevor Tye a motorcoach driver decided, while awaiting a tour he’d dropped off, to pop into Hampton Court Palace and get a shot of the marble stairs. He wasn’t looking for anything beyond a pretty shot of the interior stairway. What he got was quite another thing, seemingly capturing a young lady mid landing. Of course the possibility is that he’s just caught a tourist or guide but he insists he’d double checked to make sure the area was empty.

Could this simply be a trick of the light? She seems like much more than matrixing so I’m voting nope. There’s also the fact that a similar looking lady has been seen in this spot previous times by security. Her dress seems quite unlike something we’d see today and her eye area also seems dark. Analysis by experts have also revealed that the photo has not been tampered with adding to it’s authenticity.

I think he’s got a lovely photograph no matter how you want to judge it, but I for one am saying hello ghost and longing ever more to explore history first hand.


we’ll be back in a few.

(Photo from  Trevor Tye with original article at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/ghost-henry-viiis-wife-caught-7080555.)

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