Creepy Cabinet

The ghost, the girl and the wardrobe.


This might be up there in the list of it seemed like a good idea at the time purchases. Who, couldn’t resist a beautiful wardrobe? Definitely not Linda Bell, the owner of The Olden Ewe antique shop in Devon, UK. Good price and lovely piece but that wasn’t all apparently. As soon as the wardrobe arrived staff notice its Satanic head carved into the door and began to worry it may have ties to dark powers. If that wasn’t enough, soon the wardrobe began locking and unlocking and swinging open its doors. There’s also been a cool chill around it and people have felt a little girl inside it. Needless to say the shop is anxious to have it find a new home.

Factually, the ‘satanic head’ is likely a rams head or an old Green Man more than likely totally innocent in it’s decorative purposes. The fact there’s a coolness around it and it opens on it’s own, well a little less innocent. Though I can’t help wondering if it’d pick out an outfit?


we’ll be back in a few


( Photo from WestEnd61/REX Shutterstock with original article at .)


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