Crystallize your Memories

More stuff that makes me wonder where sci-fi writers really get ideas from, LOL.


Scientists at Southampton University have come up with a memory crystal that will outlive us. Its a fused silica quartz that is inspired by Superman’s unique storage and it can hold 360 TB of data as well as withstanding temperatures of over 1800 F.

So, let’s get this right… When people suggest ancient civilizations might have just done this, they get laughed at. When people said perhaps some crystal skulls might just be doing this, they get laughed at. When Superman does it (well more correctly his ancestors) it’s cool. And now science does it and it’s amazing.

Seriously gang it’s stuff like this that lets me know why aliens don’t visit us openly. We had suggestions of this for years and it was poo-pooed away as being ideas of crackpots. We have this illusion we know so much but really we’re maybe getting into kindergarten. We have to not be ashamed of different ideas. Sure, they’re all not going to be feasible or even workable but that one off the wall idea might just be the one that sparks one that will. It pays to have an open mind and entertain possibilities.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from CC BY 3.0 Alexander Van Driessche with original article on .)


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