Deer UFO

So a deer and a ufo walk into a trap cam…..



So according to a report made to MUFON on September 1st of this year, we’ve got more than a deer in a headlights. The trap cam owner in Hahira Georgia got a rather sweet deer and a 6 light flyby on the night of August 31, 2015. The area had been seeing activity but this is the only video capture to my knowledge.

There is the original MUFON report # 70037, which you can search at their site and it will bring up a short report where you can click to read the long report with the original video attached (this will download so visit the original article link below if you’d prefer to just view it). There is a easier format but without the link on UFO Stalker.

So what do we think? Potentially it sure could be birds of some sort, but that’s a hell of a steady line. Doesn’t look like any kind of plane or helicopter, unless it’s a stealth flyer of some sort. I’m going to vote UFO on this one. Why? Let’s just say personal experience.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo from . With original article at .)



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