Wanna go on a dig?

Ok, so it might not make you Indiana Jones exactly.


So it’s not exactly in the paranormal category (not all things on here will be) but it is unknown in that there’s just so much more we could know and with my love of history, paranormal and the unexplained it was fated.

Yes when I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist. I read about Egypt and Titanic right alongside my Betty & Veronica comics. I didn’t end up going that way because I figured I’d never get Latin or Greek, so I still keep my love of history going but in a non fedora hat wearing way. When I saw this it took me two seconds to post about it here.

So what this is, is a chance to look for ancient fossils in the cradle of life without travel hassles or that pesky multiple degree. It’s found on http://www.fossilfinder.org/ and it’s an amazing opportunity to see history in action and lend a much needed eye to where we all began. Some of the fossils already found there are just breathtaking and even if this isn’t something you want to participate in, I do recommend going to have a look at the work so far.

Something like this should make you appreciate climate change and the movement it forces on people, which in our time might hopefully be an eye opener. If nothing else, hopefully it reminds you that we’re all one big family, so stop fighting at the dinner table!


we’ll be back in a few

(Photo credit to blog.fossilfinder.org/ with original article at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/citizen-science-project-will-let-anyone-search-for-ancient-fossils-from-the-comfort-of-their-homes-10490349.html .)


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