Moon with a View

So by now I’m sure you’ve all seen this video of the rare capture of the dark side of the moon by a NASA camera far out in space.


If you’re like me The reaction is yay how cool and then one of but holy wow does that look photoshopped. I want to believe and I understand that space is not as we see it from earth when you’re actually out there, but boy this looks almost unreal. See with all the imaging cameras and satellites with cam capabilities we’ve floated out into space, shouldn’t one of them have gotten this shot ages ago? I mean don’t get me wrong this is cool as hell, it just looks like something we’d complain about if it’d turned up in a movie.

Maybe it’s a case of unfortunate lighting angles just because it’s space and the sun, and well you can’t just move the light over there to make the shot better. It’s just unfortunate that our first good look at the side we never see looks like something an 8 year old photoshopped in for a school presentation.


we’ll be back in a few

( Photo credit to  with original article at )


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