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Just ignore this as I bumble through with the promise I’ll be posting late but before the weekend is done.


spooky storeroom

Now we’re getting to a mash of things I love… history and ghosts… coming up.

I’m sure you guys are going to say this had to be his companion, but just play what if with me for a minute.


So the short version of this story goes a little like this…guy is writing a book, needs more photos, takes dog and companion with him to get said photos and well this. Yes it could be his companion but, how cool is the prospect of catching a time slip. How amazing to say this is a former worker on her way to tend to daily chores. The location is perfect (it’s going into a storeroom with the kitchen on the left) and the clothing apparently fits as well (though in my opinion that’s a hell of a red for a servant or worker). The flaw on the photo possibly just that though I’m siding with energy rift because it’s just cooler and well, more conductive to a ghost. If I’d of lived here and not passed on (or perhaps just residual) I’d be coming back to see this place too.


we’ll be back in a few

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Moon with a View

So by now I’m sure you’ve all seen this video of the rare capture of the dark side of the moon by a NASA camera far out in space.


If you’re like me The reaction is yay how cool and then one of but holy wow does that look photoshopped. I want to believe and I understand that space is not as we see it from earth when you’re actually out there, but boy this looks almost unreal. See with all the imaging cameras and satellites with cam capabilities we’ve floated out into space, shouldn’t one of them have gotten this shot ages ago? I mean don’t get me wrong this is cool as hell, it just looks like something we’d complain about if it’d turned up in a movie.

Maybe it’s a case of unfortunate lighting angles just because it’s space and the sun, and well you can’t just move the light over there to make the shot better. It’s just unfortunate that our first good look at the side we never see looks like something an 8 year old photoshopped in for a school presentation.


we’ll be back in a few

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all because of a tumblr post…

So, I was sitting here today minding my own business when a photo caught my eye in my twitter feed. It was a photograph of a woman on Mars, well another one to be specific, and this thought popped into my head I had to share. So I searched the images and typed a wee thing and shared it on my personal tumblr feeling very happy with the thought. No, I’m not going to link it here because I’d prefer my tumblr to stay as unpublic as possible, but I am going to start off the blog with a slightly better version of it. So, here goes.

_Woman__on_mars_3403889b 080124-mars-sasquatch-02

Trick of the eye? Maybe. Okay likely.

If however, like me, you believe in ghost & spirits (or at least the possibility of them) here on Earth then why not elsewhere. Somewhere that may just possibly have had life at one point, if you believe some of what you hear. Somewhere in our solar system so the physics are the same. Somewhere like Mars.

How well could this explain the fact it’s there and then not (other than retouching). Sometimes the vibe is wrong or the timing or energy is off. We have the same problem capturing that photographic evidence here on Earth. If you believe in ghosts & things that go bump in the night, it’s not much of a stretch at all.


we’ll be back in a few

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